Dark Matter

(Dark Matter is the hidden, but biggest part of the Universe)

 Diesel buys an old Clubman kart and converts it for F4 four stroke series.
The chassis was an older Arrow AX5.


The Original Frame
 The new Subaru motor has the output shaft (sprocket) on the other side, which means the chain and sprockets need to be inside the frame rails. The original frame has the cross bar too close to the axle bearings to fit the rear sprocket. The white tape indicates where the new cross-bar location will be.

The Modified Frame
(or The Angle of the Dangle)
 The frame now modified has plenty of room for the in-board sprocket. The seat stay was also relocated to push the seat further across. 

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Check how the Engine Sits
 Sit the new engine on the frame to check all is to plan, and no other issues can be seen.

Make Room for Me Too
 The new seat is not only bigger (I’ve got a big ar...), but is further left in any case. Just needed a bit of pressure supplied via piece of wood, to push the left side mount a bit further left.

  The axle was also sent out to have a keyway milled in for the inboard sprocket carrier..

Take a Seat
 The seat & engine placed in, to check on progress while waiting for axle to be milled.

  During this time, with the front wheels taken off, chassis sitting on the ground, the seat was positioned, drilled and bolted in .

Being Driven
 With the new keyway in, the axle and drive components could be assembled. Remembering to put the sprocket on the inboard side, not outboard as previous.

  Now the engine and chain are bolted in .

Getting Control
 Now the controls and feeds are connected. Fuel lines, throttle and brakes.


Keep it Quiet
 The new F4 exhaust is setup. Just using the old Clubman exhaust mount. No problems here.


Missing Something
 Front view of the project so far. Getting excited. Feels very close.

Getting Dressed
 Bolting on the wheels and side pods, we discover there is one last minor wardrobe malfunction. The right hand side pod, won’t go on fully because the engine sticks out further.


Cut it out!
 After marking up the side pod, its out with the jig saw, and cut away the offending material.


Plenty of Room
 Now with the pod fully mounted, we have left a generous space for air to flow, and ensure no interference between engine and the side pod.


Final Fitting
 Side pod in place. All dressed, ready to go.


Dark Matter
 Track Ready, waiting for the first shake-down run, and to run the engine in.


Day 1 shake-down
 The first shake-down outing at Picton. Objective to run-in the engine, and discover what falls off.


Day 1 shake-down
 The early laps taken slowly, as running-in the engine. Built up to full speed, but sadly the planed pace kart didn’t hit the track, but Dark Matter, in true Diesel style, didn’t miss a beat.

 Next - to get Race Ready!.

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